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Corona Virus IS in Haiti

Producer/Editor/Presenter: Pascal Antoine

Corona Virus is in Haiti After seeing how complacent people in Haiti where there were zero identified cases of Covid-19 in Haiti, I made this video warning that it almost certainly was already there. Unfortunately, the very hour that I published this video, the Haitian government announced that 2 cases had been officially identified. The original was in Haitian Creole, but here it is with English subtitles.

Haiti Gas Crisis 2019

Producer/Editor: Pascal Antoine

I visited Haiti during a severe gas crisis. on my last day, I had to get creative and took a hair-raising and adventurous motorcycle ride to the airport.

Client: Basilic Bed & Breakfast

Producer/Editor: Pascal Antoine

The owner of Basilic Bed and Breakfast on Route de Frères, Haiti, asked me to put together a short property promo to be placed on social media and traditional television. After spending some time on the property and familiarizing myself with their services and amenities, I was able to put together this short piece which immediately increased their revenue by 30% within the first two weeks it was released.

Shark Tank goes to Haiti !

Haiti Startup Talent Business Incubation Program

I had the pleasure of being asked by the organizers of Haiti Start-Up Talent to come and document their final presentation session. Watch these young, Haitian entrepreneurs pitch their businesses to judges using everything they have learned during the six-month program. Haiti refuses to give up!

Client: Haiti Startup Talent

Produced, edited, and voiceover: Pascal Antoine